Quick Start: What you need to know before farming Chia coin (2021)

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What is Chia?

Chia (chia.net)is popular called “Green Bitcoin” because farming Chia consumes less electricity much more than mining Bitcoin. To mine Bitcoin or Ethereum, it requires strong ASIC or GPU, but farming Chia requires hard drives which is much affordable and eco-friendly.

Why call farming Chia, but mining Bitcoin/Ethereum? I don’t know

How to farm Chia?

First, install Chia softwire at https://www.chia.net/, Chia supports Linux, MacOS, Window. Then create your wallet and you’re ready to farm Chia.

2 stages of farming Chia:

  • Creating plots: A plot file’ size is 101GB. Creating plot requires 2 CPU threads, 3GB RAM, 330GB fast speed hard drive. SSD NVMe is highly recommended.
  • Farming: All plot files created in the stage 1 should be saved in high capacity hard drive to farm. Just imagine that you are playing lottery game, each plot file is a lottery ticket. So the more plot files you have, the more chances to win, get a reward.

How to farm Chia effectively?

  • Create plots fast and have enough HDD hard drive to store all plots
  • 64 XCH will be awarded in each 10 minutes. You need a lot of plots and a stable, fast Internet for avoid delaying and losing XCH to other people.
  • Optimize the rate of using CPU, Ram and SSD. There are higher chance to win if you know how to optimize cost of storing TB HDD.

What is pool? Do you need to join pool?

Chia farming pool is a pool where everyone can join to farm chia with higher chance of winning block; therefore, have a stable revenue.

It’s up to you to join a farming pool or not, but I recommend you to join a pool if you have less than 1PiB and Netspace is approximately 3EiB.

You can see a list of pools here. There are some well-known pools like: Hpool, Core Chia…There are also some potential upcoming pools like: AzPool, Space Pool…

Chia Coin Farmers!